Innovative solutions for the

cultivated meat industry.


Cost-effective, edible, food-safe, animal-component-free products.

Nexture Bio develops scaffolds, microcarriers, cell attachment factors, and other enabling technologies for the cultivated meat industry. We are developing solutions that will change how people think about cultivated meat.

Unique products that solve your unique challenges.

With a combined 20 years of experience in the cultivated meat industry, our team has a deep understanding of the challenges faced by both CPG and other enabling technology companies in the space. Our proprietary solutions are developed to solve specific problems and unblock bottlenecks.

Solutions developed by industry innovators.


Teryn Wolfe

Chief Executive Officer

Teryn is the former CEO of Matrix Food Technologies, an enabling technology company specializing in extracellular matrices for the alternative protein industry. She has 15+ years of meaningful experience at the nexus of business, social impact, environmental protection, and academia.

Eric Schulze

Eric Schulze, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Eric is a professional scientist specializing in startup management, enterprise execution, and novel food design. As VP of Global Regulatory and Public Policy at UPSIDE Foods, he developed the approach and led the team that secured the first-ever FDA safety greenlight for a cultivated meat product. 


Matthew Leung, PhD

VP of Research & Development

Matthew has 20 years of experience in tissue engineering and biomaterials, and he led the team that developed the bioprocess behind the first commercial cell-cultured meat product in the United States. 


Heidi Coia, PhD

Director of Tissue Engineering & Product Development

Heidi has pioneered innovation and advanced scientific research and technology in several cutting-edge fields, including cellular agriculture, complex 3D cell culture, and scale-up of industrial cell culture. She is the former Director of Product Development and Innovation at Matrix Food Technologies and is Nexture Bio’s cell culture SME.


Graeme Ross-Munro

Director of Business Development

Graeme has 13 years of experience building companies and brands. He has worked with a range of companies in the alternative protein industry, including cellular agriculture startups, plant-based companies, and VC firms.

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Generation Food Rural Partners Fund Logo

The Generation Food Rural Partners (GFRP) Fund

Generation Food Rural Partners (“GFRP” or the “Fund”) is an RBIC-licensed investment fund designed to drive economic growth and development in rural communities in the US. The Fund invests in the area of Food, Agriculture and Protein technologies to form new companies based on intellectual property, creating living wage jobs at its portfolio companies.

GFRP is backed by members of the Farm Credit System, including Farm Credit Services of America, CoBank, Compeer Financial and Mid-America Farm Credit. GFRP is a part of Big Idea Ventures, the world’s most active investor in FoodTech, investing in the best food technology and AgriTech companies globally.

Big Idea Ventures has teams in the United States, Europe and Asia and has invested in more than 110 companies across 30 countries.